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Aurum IT Solutions has junior and senior programmers, working either on Aurum projects or outsourced to other companies.

IT obuke

We are certified for several different IT training courses, including ECDL preparation courses.

SaaS za MSP

Our cloud software offerings are ideal for SMB market and includes software for needed for company’s everyday work: presales, sales, timesheet management, warehousing, invoicing, etc. All in one solution, available anywhere on any device, adaptable to your needs

Osobe sa invaliditetom

We are dedicated to helping people with disabilities. Our IT courses are designed and approved for our friends with disabilities. Our mission is to help them get better paid jobs by learning new skills.

Najnoviji projekti

Zašto Aurum?

We are young and talented team of engineers and programmers, lead by experienced managers. Our software solutions are tailor made, crafted from years of experience of our management team and our partners.

We are dedicated to helping people with disabilities, and by working with us, you will also be a part of something greater than you.

Šta kažu o nama?

Aurum IT Solutions helped us accelerate our sales and delivery. Their SMB software is definitely a perfect fit for our business, allowing us to focus on our core business and have the supporting actions take the least possible amount of time.

Nikola Knežević,
CEO, NES Communications

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